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What is snoring?

We’ve all heard it before — that loud, heavy constant breathing sound known as snoring. Regardless of who it’s coming from, snoring is more than just a sound. Snoring can disrupt a good night’s sleep, cause daily fatigue, general irritability, and, in some cases, lead to serious health-related issues. However, most people who snore do not know they snore until someone brings it to their attention.

What causes snoring?

So why do people snore? People tend to snore when the passages in the back of the mouth and nose are obstructed or blocked in some way. When this happens, it leads to negative air pressure, causing vibrations to occur in the softs tissues, which is where the familiar snoring sounds come from. Common factors and reasons for snoring may include:

  • Structure of the mouth, which can cause the narrowing of airway passages and airway obstructions. Having a large tongue or tonsils can also cause airway obstructions that lead to snoring.

  • Nasal congestion due to various conditions or structural abnormalities can obstruct airflow and lead to snoring.

  • Being overweight can lead to excess weight around the neck area, which can disrupt breathing as airways narrow.

  • Eating food or consuming alcohol at night can cause the relaxation of throat muscles, which can obstruct the airway and cause snoring.

What are the symptoms of snoring?

Although most people who suffer from snoring are unaware of their condition until a loved one brings it to their attention, there are certain symptoms that may indicate that you are snoring as you sleep. Symptoms of snoring may include:

  • Difficulties concentrating

  • Having a sore throat

  • Being unable to sleep at night

  • Feeling tired and fatigued during the day

  • Gasping for air or choking as you sleep

  • Having an irregular heartbeat or high blood pressure

Snoring may also cause your loved ones to experience sleep disruptions, daily fatigue, and irritability.

Reference: Dental36Sleep

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