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Stop Snoring - Snorex in Canterbury

Do you snore or know someone who does? Chances are the answer is yes! Snoring is named as the third most common reason for divorce, behind infidelity and finances.

I brought the franchise to make the Snorex product 27 years ago so I could work from home. I had 2 young children at the time, the youngest 18 months old. When the opportunity arose to do this I thought that I would be mainly dealing with older people, how wrong was I. People of all ages snore, most people will snore at some point, and may also suffer from sleep apnea, where fitful snoring is often accompanied by periods when breathing stops altogether.

The Snorex is a plastic oral appliance made from impressions of both upper and lower teeth. Fitted into the mouth before going to sleep, the jaw is held slightly forward, which prevents the tongue from falling back and narrowing the airway.

Over the years I have helped hundreds of people, including my husband and myself! When I first met my husband 18 years ago, he was heading off to have surgery to stop his snoring. Around a month after having his surgery, he booked an appointment to have a Snorex made as he was still snoring. He no longer snores!

When he told me I was snoring, I could hardly argue, so I made myself a Snorex. I didn’t realise how badly I had been sleeping. I would often wake with a headache and feeling tired. I no longer suffer from morning headaches, and feel I can breathe easier and wake feeling refreshed, and my husband tells me I no longer snore.

Many people are unaware of the health risks associated with snoring, or even that they snore unless a bed partner tells them. While snoring may be an annoying noise, sleep apnea is a serious issue. People often complain of tiredness, bad moods, depression, as well as a lack of concentration, memory loss and morning headaches. Besides cutting down on productivity, experts believe sleep apnea contributes to car and job accidents and may also be a factor in strokes and heart attacks. Sever symptoms include high blood pressure caused by the lack of oxygen because of interruptions in breathing.

I have immense job satisfaction, I have people come to me with a problem that I am able to help them with. I am able to give them a better quality of life, not to mention saved a fair few relationships.

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