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About Us

Oraltech Ltd


Oraltech was established in 1990 and has the franchise rights to make the Snorex product, which was developed in New Zealand and is protected by New Zealand patent.

I have been the Franchise owner for the Snorex and mouthguards for over 27 years.


I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people over the years to get a good nights sleep, not mention saved a few marriages.

Denise Lim

Owner Operator

A personal story... 

I first met Dave (now husband) in 2004. 

After asking me what I did for a job, he told me about the surgery he was due to have to stop him snoring.  He was going to have his nasal passages cleared and the soft palate and uvala removed from the back of his throat.  All for $5000.  I told him to come and see me after  his surgery, he told me no need as it was going to work. 

After a couple of months and extremely painful recovery period, I heard from Dave as he was still snoring!

I made him a Snorex, (for a fraction of the cost of surgery) and he has been wearing one since. However once we got together he was cheeky enough to ask me for a refund.  Needless to say he didn’t get it. I have made him a new one since, at no charge! 

Instead of buying the company like the man who liked his razor, he married me. 

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