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The Solution to Snoring - Outside of Christchurch

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Want to stop snoring?

Don’t live in Christchurch? No problem!

If you have issues with snoring or sleep apnea, but are not in Christchurch or unable to travel to Christchurch, I am still able to help.

Normally I make appointments for people to come to see me, at which time I take impressions of the teeth top and bottom. I then make these into dental casts/moulds. It is from these casts that I make the Snorex.

If you are unable to see me, then you can go to your own dentist to have the impressions taken and dental casts/moulds made. Once you have these, either courier or post them to me and I can make your Snorex.

I only charge you for the Snorex itself, you are still covered by the 3 month money back guarantee, as this guarantee is for the cost of the Snorex. The dental casts/moulds you have already paid your dentist to make are yours to keep.

Snoring and sleep apnea are issues that do need to be dealt with and shouldn’t be ignored.

So if you want to stop snoring and have a good nights sleep, wake feeling refreshed, or stop annoying your partner, get in touch with me now.

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