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Sports Mouthguard

Why custom moulded?

Custom moulded mouthguards fit perfectly around the teeth so they stay comfortably in place allowing for easy, free breathing and to speak normally.Our custom moulded mouthguards are made with up to three layers of differing hardness materials allowing for better protection and less bulk.During the manufacture process, the thickness of the custom moulded mouthguard is ensured to be thick enough to provide optimal protection while still not being too bulky as to fit improperly or hinder breathing and speech.

Why not boil and bite?

Boil and bite mouthguards fit poorly and loosen more over time. Meaning speech is more difficult, it hinders mouth breathing and the user is having to concentrated more on holding it in place - leaving them distracted and more susceptible to biting down on their tongue or lips when holding it in place.Boil and bite mouthguards are most often comprised of a single hardness material meaning it's bulkier and not offering the best protection it could be.Tests have shown boil and bite mouthguards to give a false sense of protection as when bitten into for the molding process, the wearers teeth push down and actually decrease the thickness of the guard in pressure points that can leave the guard too thin to offer sufficient protection or to wear faster than normal.

Custom Colours

We offer a range of 25 colours to choose from for some personalisation.


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